Finding Your Way
A Game Designed
for Co-creation


The Evidence Centre at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children came to the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University in hopes to undergo a revision and rebrand for themselves. The Evidence Centre provides extremely valuable services in finding and using information in healthcare. These services are helpful but multi-layered and complex, which make them hard to understand for many of their stakeholders.

The Health Design Lab team saw the need to explore and design a series of workshops in order to understand the Evidence Centre’s values and services. The learnings from these initial workshops helped us to further refine our co-creative activities to engage with Evidence Centre’s stakeholder groups. After conducting a synthesis of our activities, we noticed that the Evidence Centre’s work is extensive and specific. It is through synthesizing that we saw the opportunity to shift our direction to design a game for co-creation. The card and board game that we designed helps the stakeholders of the Evidence Centre to describe how they connect to health information, and where they place their trust and might experience challenges in finding and using information.

This collaborative project with the Evidence Centre has been an insightful and incredibly meaningful journey. We named the co-creation toolkit Finding Your Way, as it is a tool for the Evidence Centre to now further engage with their stakeholders and help them find their way. Moreover, it reflects our experience through this project as we found our way through each session which led us to design this game for co-creation.

Read the process book here

Health Design, Co-Design, Game Design,
Participatory Design, Print

Health Design Lab

— Lisa Boulton · Project Lead
— Christine Fwu · Designer & Researcher
— Triet Pham · Designer & Researcher

Evidence Centre

— Kimberly Miller · Senior Leader
— Stephenie Glegg · Knowledge Broker
— Ivonne Montgomery · Knowledge Broker
— Kala Brownlee · Education Assistant
— Nicky Cairncross · Research Assistant


— Chiavettieri: Kostic Type Foundry
— Apercu: Colophon Foundry

Reference & Inspiration

— Life Café Kit: Lab4Living
— initiate.collaborate: Good Health Design, Lab4Living,
    Centre for Person Centred Research

game map & game pieces: laser cut & engraved matte boards
game cards:
laser prints on cardstock + rounded corners
wood blocks · pipecleaners · timer · stickies · pen