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This project was centred around the idea of creating a publication dedicated solely to a niche topic that is mundane, yet really worth sharing. My friend Megan and I both work in customer service; I work in a restaurant and she works in retail. Through our many complaints and stories about our jobs, an extreme customer service report was born! This report is for anyone who has ever worked a service job, and for anybody else who is interested to know what really goes on in our minds…

We took on a satirical approach to illuminate the crazy people we often have to deal with in the service industry. With expressive and humourous illustrations and friendly but sarcastic type posters, we invite readers to open up the report and investigate on!

We kept our entire aesthetic as cheerful and welcoming as possible to speak to the happy faces we are forced to put on for customers, no matter how wrong they may be. Our content echoes many underlying thoughts and criticism of the ridiculous nonsense that is customer service.

Included in this report are stories from four people: myself, Megan, and our best friends, Nicole and Michelle, who shared their customer service stories with us.

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Publication Design, Creative Direction, Print

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— Megan Chen


— Megan Chen


— Christine Fwu


— National: Kris Sowersby
— Mr Eaves Sans: Zuzana Licko (Emigre)

— Rig Solid: Jamie Clarke Type
— Frankfurt: Alan Carr

dual colour risoprinted book & stickers:
fluorescent orange + black // fluorescent orange + blue
manila file folders · prong fasteners · paper clips

Christine’s Stories

Megan’s Stories

Nicole’s Stories

Michelle’s Stories