Intergenerational Storytelling
& Co-Design


Moments is the name of our unique publication that was co-designed with the residents coping with dementia at the UBC Care Homes. This project is part of the Zeitgeist journal program that the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University has worked with UBC Purdy Pavilion and Vancouver Coastal Health to bring to life. The Zeitgeist program is essentially intergenerational storytelling between students and residents where stories of life and love are shared, and visually translated into a book. Each content generation session was filled with many interesting and meaningful exchanges with the residents. We collected fragments of their stories that they were so happy to share, and so vividly remembered.

Through this project I learned to design for accessibility, age-appropriateness, and for real people. I was in charge of the design and art direction of this publication. The entire 32-page book was printed with the risograph, and 40 copies were handmade and packaged with love and care. We went back to UBC Care Homes for a lovely final gathering where we distributed and shared our publications with our residents, caretakers, and professors.

Creative Direction, Publication Design, Co-Design

In collaboration with

— Megan Chen, Gurjap Kaur, Tyler Hawkins


— Gurjap Kaur

dual colour risoprinted book/postcards/stickers:
fluorescent orange + medium blue
kraft wrapping paper

Penny’s Stories

Rick’s Stories

Vera’s Stories