Woo Publication · Spring 2020


Woo Publication is Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s student-led publication that showcases student, faculty, and alumni work from all disciplines. There are two issues of Woo every year. Fun Fact: Our publication name came from Emily Carr’s pet monkey, Woo!

After Extra, from my first term as editor in chief was created, came the time to design Ordinary. Right when we were making final edits and wrapping up with the issue, we were hit with the pandemic and school closure. I realized that it is these times of uncertainty and loss when we come to appreciate the physical interactions within our community and education. These were so mundane and stable that we never imagined the possibility of losing them. However, I am grateful that Ordinary was able to wrap up just in time with amazing face-to-face ideation, critique, and revision. Ordinary showcases simple, raw, and monotone work, and it seeks to find balance and calm in this current mess. We ultimately created Ordinary to complete the year off with Extra–Ordinary, and it has been quite an extraordinary year indeed.

I led a team of designers, media creators, and editors through an exciting journey of connecting with the Emily Carr community, while making something memorable together. Many thanks to my directors, the entire Woo team, and the participants for making Ordinary possible!

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Project Management, Creative Direction,
Publication Design, Print, Typography

Editor in Chief

— Christine Fwu

Creative Director

— Triet Pham

Media Director

— Nicole Yamamoto

Editorial Director

— Sanya Arora

Design Team
Aviva Davis · Bonnie Wong · Dory Xu ·
Kayla Drobot · Paula Burbano

Media Team
Amir Ullah · Carrie Braybrooks · Shannon Miller

Editorial Team
Alex Westcott · Genki Ferguson
Madeleine Salomons · Monique Germain

This issue is limited to 350 copies printed with
Hemlock Printers & funded by Emily Carr Students’ Union.

spiral bounded with perforated note pages